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Main Manufactures unable to solve problem.

whats problem

A new valued customer of ours a Mr Mark Pugh fetched his car to us because the car was having DPF issue's that main manufactures were unable to solve. Mr Pugh kindly sent us this message: 

very professional, put themselves out to help me in an emergency. They managed to diagnose and repair the DPF filter plus diagnosed a problem which manufactures could not do.  

I am now a valued customer of AJ Fleetcare.

Fault Codes


If your cars dash is displaying a fault , AJ Fleetcare is the place to help and find whats the root cause of that problem, with a 100% fix rate. Even if your car is not displaying a fault but is not running correctly AJ Fleetcare can diagnose the root of the problem by use of specialised scanners to detect any fault codes your cars engine management has recorded and stored. Once we know the code we then can address and rectify that problem providing a 100% fix rate.

Recently a Customers Vauxhaul car was showing a DPF fault code P2453, We fixed the fault 100% by using JLM Products. The same goes for more of our valued customers with various makes of cars : VW, Audi, Skoda, Nissan who all had a DPF Fault code of P2452. Again all with a 100% fix rate resulting in very happy customers.

So if your facing problems help with a 100% fix rate is just a phone call away, AJ Fleetcare are the experts you can trust.

All DPF Problems we solve


DPF filters can be problematic. We are a Top Garage Of The Year 2021 Finalist . If you like excellent customer service, a garage with experience and with a 100% Diagnoses & FIX Rate Guaranteed then this is where AJ Fleetcare can help. If not there is no charge . We Specialise In DPF Faults. There is no guess work involved. Our full diagnostics gets to the root cause of the problem giving you a guaranteed fix.

We recommend that you do not to just get a DPF clean because a blocked DPF is nearly always caused by another problem, our diagnostics will identify that problem leading to a 100% fix rate. Do not be a part changer, let us give you that fix you and your car deserves.

Electric vehicles

main one

Been a proud member of HEVERA we specialise in Hybrid and electric vehicle repairs from maintenance to charging faults to battery refurbish. From diagnostics to repair we are your local specialist garage.