DPF Diagnostics
PDF Diagnostics

We are a DPF cleaning & repair specialists and a proud member of the industry leading DPF Doctor, First Time Fix - No Guess work.

Electric Vehicle
Electric Vehicle Diagnostic & Repair

These require specialist knowledge and equipment that require investment. We are your local specialist for diagnostic and repair.

CAN immobiliser
Engine Carbon Clean

The CAN-phantom is a vehicle immobiliser that is revolutionising vehicle security.

This device will transform the automotive security industry.

Avon Tunning
Engine Carbon Clean

We are proud to be an agent for Avon Tuning and specialise in ECU Remapping and Performance Tuning for your car.

Why Use Us

We are a family business that keeps on track with new technology. We use our vast knowledge and experience to diagnose your car related problems you might have.

We specialise in DPF diagnostics to give you a first time fix, no guess work involved. We are a member of The DPF Doctor Network. AJ Fleetcare also specialise in EV (electric vehicles). We are listed on www.hevra.org.uk for an EV friendly garage within this area. AJ Fleetcare are proud to be a Finalist in the "Top Garage of the Year 2021".


Would you like a great customer experience?. would you also like a 100% fix rate? Then call us now.

Are you looking for a dealer experience level coverage?

Would you like to use a garage voted top garage award finalist?


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Adas Calibration Coming Soon To AJ Fleetcare

Adas Camera & Radar Calibration

The award-winning and highly accurate workshop solution for the calibration of camera and radar-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, radar-guided cruise control and lane departure warning are a common feature of many new vehicle models, and by 2022 up to 11 Advanced Driver Assist Systems will be mandatory on all new cars. The cameras and radar sensors used by these complex electronic systems require precise and accurate calibration after many common maintenance tasks, including wheel alignment and axle geometry changes, as well as windscreen replacement and accident damage repair.