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Diesel particulate filter

Have you had your DPF filter checked.

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Why is car servicing important?

Whether your car is brand new or second hand,undertaking a service at regular intervals is incredibly important in order to maintain the health and condition of your vehicle.A comprehensive service here at A & J Fleet Care is conducted by trained and experienced professionals,we will look at a huge number of components in your car, including oil and filter changes, replacing the air cleaner and to include new spark plugs .We will also check all your fluids, such as brake, ATF and anti-freeze, to make sure they are filled and of the appropriate mix and our technicians will also inspect your belts and the tread depth and condition of your tyres.

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Getting your car serviced regularly can prevent minor defects escalating into large-scale problems,saving you from having to undertake drastic and expensive  repairs. Not only does it significantly reduce the unpleasant surprise of a break down or serious fault, it also means issues are found and subsequently treated earlier, usually resulting in a much cheaper and easier job than doing so further down the line.This is often a much more convenient solution for car owners, as it also means they encounter less time off the road while the repairs are conducted.